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The 80s were a time of extravagance and indulgence. 80s fashion reflected this with our crazy combination of clothes, hair styles, accessories and makeup.

Here at 80s Fashion Fancy Dress, we are very excited to bring you pages of information, on how to wear 80s outfits, and explore the fashion fads and trends of the 80s with you.

Why? I LOVED the 80s, and have been waiting for them to come back, and guess what? Everywhere I look these days, I can see hints of 80s style in today's everyday trends.

High cut boots, raa raa skirts, retro tee shirts with rolled up sleeves, fluro neon clothing, fan-dangle accessories, just to name a few.

When the 80s fashion was so openly "No way" post 80s, it's curious as to why we are seeing so many 80s elements today.

I reckon that the fact that digital piracy (unauthorised downloading music and videos) is robbing artists of potential income, we have seen a massive revamp from 80s stars and icons, coming back and working the tour scene for their money.

And, I have read that the doom and gloom of the GFC has helped us to start to embrace a bit of a crazy, fun and wild interest in mixing up our fashion somewhat.

This is feeding our interest and hunger for more fun from that crazy era in 80s fashion, including fancy dress and costumes for 80s themed parties.

Even activities such as ten pin bowling and roller skating with quad skates is cool and fashionable these days.

Deni Griffiths, Platinum Author

Look through our pages, and find your 80s style that you want to work into your fashion wardrobe, or for your 80s theme party!

Clothes Worn in 80s Fashion
Search through 80s fashion and find an era of clothes worn in 80s
Fluro Clothing - Neon Clothing
Fluro clothing or neon clothing, depending where you are from, is certainly coming back in fashion.
Acid Wash Denim
Acid wash denim, also known as stone wash denim was HUGE in 80s fashion, yet short lived. It screams 80s though!
Shoulder Pads - Power Dressing in the 80s!
Shoulder pads helped define an era of 80s power dressing, in an 80s material girl sort of world!
80s Happy Pants
80s happy pants rocked! Why? Fun kids fabrics were used, so most of us had our own unique happy pants!
80s Dresses
80s dresses are an awesome dress up item, which you should be able to find fairly cheaply.
80s Dance Wear & Costumes
80s dance wear took off with the help of great movies, and the population getting physical. Here's some 80s costume ideas.
Create the 80s Makeup Look.
Learn how to create the funky 80s makeup look!
80s Hair Styles
How to Create Your 80s Hair Styles
80s Crimped Hair - You Know You Want It!
80s crimped hair was all the rage by the mid to late 80s. I think you'll find, it will be all the rage again, coming into the tweenies.
80s Fountain Ponytail
This cute 80s fountain ponytail is quick easy, and you do not need really long hair.
80s Punk Hair Style
80s punk hair style will grab attention. Here's how you do it!
80s Braided Hair also known as a French Braid
Wear your hair in a french braid, for class, style and comfort. Braided hair was very big in the 80s.
The 80s Mullet Hair Style
80s Mullet - can be an easy, and essential 80s costume.
80s Blow Wave Hair Style
The 80s blow wave hair was pretty much for every one. Here's a few tips on how it was done.
80s Hair Accessories
80s Hair Accessories That You Must Have (and less than $2)
80s Accessories - Bring Your 80s Outfit to Life
80s Accessories Will Bring Your 80s costume to Life!
80s Headbands
80s Headbands - Which other decade would you have gotten away with it?
80s Belts
80s belts are, in soome cases, are a pretty important part of your outfit. This is due to the 80s accessories playing just as much of a part with the 80s outfit.
80s Fingerless Gloves
80s fingerless gloves are not only a fabulous fashion piece from the 80s, but are being spotted in new music clips, and on the catwalk, as we turn into the next decade.
80s Socks and Leg warmers
80s socks and leg warmers should be considered as part of your 80s accessories, when creating your 80s outfit. Here are the most popular styles.
The 80s Tie
The 80s tie, was quite a statement piece, with the younger generation, stamping their own twist on 80s tie fashion.
80s Icons and Celebrities
Check out how you can dress, by the best 80s icons and celebrities!
80s Celebrity Hair Styles
These 80s celebrity hair styles totally rock!
Rambo Fancydress
Easy male 80s fancy dress. Here's how to dress up as Rambo.
80s Samantha Fox
Samantha Fox was one of my greatest inspirations, growing up as a teenager in the second half of the 80s.
80s Cyndi Lauper
In the 80s, Cyndi Lauper was one of the best examples of 80s fashion, 80s hair and 80s celebreties .. 80s style going around!
80s Michael Jackson
In the 80s, Michael Jackson electrified us with his music and energy.
Flashdance Costume
How to dress up in a Flashdance costume for 80s fancydress.
Robert Palmer Girls Costume
The sexy Robert Palmer girls are certainly iconic, in any era. Here's how to glam up your 80s!
Freddy Krueger Costume
Freddy Kruger from the movie series, Nightmare on Elm St, makes a gruesome 80s Halloween costume!
Dirty Dancing Costume
Ideas for dressing up as baby and Johnny from the 1987 smash hit, Dirty Dancing.
Share Your 80s Fancy Dress Costume Photo and Story
Share Your 80s Fancy Dress Costume Photo and Story
How to Dress Up in the Breakin Costume
From the 80s rap era, came these two movies, Breakin and Breakin 2. Recreate the 80s rap fashion era.
Awesome 80s Party!
Have a heap of fun putting together an awesome 80s party. Here's a few ideas on how.
Printable 80s Trivia
Printable 80s trivia game cards, with questions including 80s fashion, covering the years 1980 to 1989.
80s Party for 40th Birthday!
Carolann had an awesome 80s party for her 40th birthday bash. Here's more pics and details.
Cheap 80s - Items Less Than $10
Cheap 80s Props and Costumes - These rock and are $10 or less!
80s Games and 80sToys!
Do you love 80s games and 80s toys? Here's a collection I have put together that you should love!
The Rubiks Cube
Check out the Rubiks Cube and other mind boggling Rubik puzzles.
80s Fashion Amazon Store
This 80s Fashion Store has oodles of everythig. 80s accessories, T Shirts, Swatch watches, Nike High cut shoes, skinny ties
tell Us Your 80s Party Ideas
Tell us about your 80s party ideas. What props, food and games did you have at your 80s party night?
FREE 80s Stuff!
Free 80s gear available now. So if you love the free stuff and the 80s, find out more here.
80s Photos
Pages of 80s photos including 80s party pics and original 80s photos.
80s Party Photos
Look at these fantastic 80s party photos of people dressing up in 80s fashions and 80s fancy dress!
Roller Skating
Roller skating, would have to be one of the biggest social activities of the 80s, and surprise, surprise, we are seeing roller skating come to life again!
80s Fashion Blog
The 80s Fashion blog keeps you up to date with the additions and changes to the web site. Subscribe here.
Vintage Fashion
Vintage fashion is huge. So much so, that there's a thriving whole new spin off industry, enjoying a resurgence of days gone by, with passion.
80s Today
Let's look at 80s fashions shown on video clips now. I call it 80s Today!
Q & A - Best Answers chosen by Yahoo Members
Read through the pages of Best Answers, as chosen by Yahoo audiences.
Fashion Decades Help
For a project, i am dressing people up in 60s 80s and 00s fashion trends.
Is Goodwill a good place to find 60s, 70s, 80s clothes?
Is Goodwill a good place to find 60s, 70s, 80s clothes?
Why do the 80s and early 90's look so cool?
I'm fascinated by these eras!! Like, I just love them! Their pictures, TV shows, movies, fashions, styles, music.. everything!! You name it!
80s Day at School
What should I wear for 80s day at my school? i need something to wear for 80s day!! Suggestions anyone?? Websites will help too!
What were some popular dances during the 80s?
What were some popular dances during the 80s? I'm doing a history project for school and I was wondering if there were any dances that were popular in the 80s like the Macarena was in the 90s? Thanks
80s Sport Fashion Music Trivia Question
1980's fashion, sport, music? im looking for 20 question with answers on Australian social and cultural history for a quiz show.
What was an impact on 80s fashion?
What was an impact on 80s fashion? How did it change the American society?
1980s Fashion Pictures Needed!!?
80s costumes ideas help please?
80s costumes ideas help please? Okay, I'm actually clueless..but I'm going to an 80s fancy dress party and I have no idea how to dress for that seeing as i was not born in the 80s.
What was the fashion for both men and women in the 80s?
What was the fashion for both men and women in the 80s?
What to wear to an 80's party?
What to wear to an 80's party? I'm going to an 80's party this week, and I don't know what I can wear. Could I have some makeup ideas as well, something easy but looks really nice would be good.
Purchase Nikes Online
Does anybody know where I can purchase a pair of these Nikes online? (other than ebay)?
Rayban 2140 Wayfarer Sunglasses
Would the Ray Ban 2140 Wayfarer suit an oval face? I'm considering getting them, but I'm not sure if they're suited for my face shape or not. Also, what color of wayfarer to you think looks best?
What are some more good 80s movies?
What are some more good 80s movies?
What are some similarities between 60s 70s and 80s dance?
What are some similarities between 60s 70s and 80s dance?
I Want to Dress Like They Did in the 80s?
Okay, so, I'm like, in love with the 80s, even though I myself was born in the early 90s. I love pretty much everything about the 80s. The fashion, hair styles, movies, music, all of it.
Differences with Late 80s Fashion
Major differences in fashion from late 80s/early 90s and now?
The Time Era You Wished You Lived In
Homework assignment to describe 'The time era you wished you lived in...
Interviews for 80s Fashion Fancy Dress
80s Fashion Fancy Dress website interviews.
80s Fashion Fancy Dress is interviewed by Big Mix Mobile Disco.
80s Fashion Fancy Dress website owner is interviewed by Darren from Big Mix Mobile Disco.
Big Mix Mobile Disco Interview
Big Mix is the <strong>Mobile Disco</strong> that is guaranteed to set your party alight - featuring Darren J, your energetic, enthusiastic and friendly mobile DJ for Northampton and Northamptonshire.
Interview Creative Kids Partys
80s Fashion Fancy Dress interviews Michelle from Creative Kids Partys.
Retro Vintage Parties
Retro parties and vintage parties are a whole lot of fun, are cheap and easy, and great for the environment!
70s Party
Holding or attending a retro vintage 70s party is so much fun! Plenty of people would agree that the 70s were sizzling and sexy!
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Fluro Clothing
Neon Clothing

Wham were big on wearing neon clothing!

Is fluro / neon clothing "80's fancy dress" only, or is it making a come-back to fashion today? Find out!

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