80s Dance Wear

Wow, in the 80s, we really started getting physical, and dance wear was worn as every day wear, and inter-matched.

Olivia Newton John was telling us to get Physical, Jane Fonda was creating new products called aerobic videos,and Reebok encouraged us to power walk to work after our aerobics class.

To kick off our inspiration, I have found this extended mix of Olivia Newton John's, Physical and it's great. I hope it get's you into the mood! Check out the head band and aerobic shoes.

So what sort of things could you wear to qualify for 80s dance wear? Try on some of these:

- Terry toweling headband

- High cut leotard

- High cut leotard with a contrasting belt

- Leg warmers

- Reebok white trainers, preferably high-cut

- Nike trainers - preferably high cut

- Visor hat - In the plastic style, or tennis style

- American baseball style hat

- Hair high in pony tail, with a scrunchie

- Hair in a french braid, with a scrunchie

- Short hair styled / blow waved with a V back

There are some cracker 80s dance movies, and a few of of us would admit to watching occasionally still, today. What were your favourites?

I'm starting to put together some costume ideas,for these characters, so don't forget to be added to the RSS feed, book mark the page or check back to see the new ones added.

Let's start with Here's a couple of pics of people wearing 80s aerobic / Getting Physical fancy dress.

Let's get physical fancy dress

Getting Physical!


Flashdance costume ideas

Have the Time of Your Life, and dress up in this great couples costume, from Dirty Dancing

Dress up for the Time of Your Life!

Fashion from the 80's rap era, was in part inspired by the movies, Breakin' and Breakin' 2

breakin movie with 80s rap fashion

Grab a few girlfriends and glam up as the Robert Palmer Girls. (Although, these girls weren't exactly known for their ourstanding dance moves... )

Robert Palmer Girls

While I get cracking on creating my next 80s dance wear page, could you help out with some ideas for awesome 80s dance movies and 80s dance film clips that you think are iconic, you still love or just that you think they should be featured?

As we get the entries rolling in, I'll attempt to create a page for each one with costume ideas.

Every entry published on here, wins a FREE 80s Fashion Fancy Dress lucky dip prize, posted to anywhere in the world, as a thank you for contributing.

Which 80s dance movie or film clip do you still love?

Is there an 80s dance movie or film clip that still gets your feet moving, or your attention?

Or do you know there's a good 80s dance movie or 80s dance film clip that should be featured, that hasn't made it up on the 80s Fashion Fancy dress website yet?

Drop us a line about which one and why, even if you think it's corny. Chances are, the cornier the better!


Include some costume ideas, if you have some, too.

If you got one, add a photo or a video.

Every entry posted will get a FREE 80s Fashion and Fancy Dress lucky dip prize, as a thanks for sharing.

Tell us the title of the 80s dance movie or film clip.

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Breakin' and Breakin' 2 
Depends on what style you're into. Some people really like Xanadu. I really liked Breakin'. The movie itself was horrible, but the footage is really …

Girls just want to have fun Not rated yet
Girls just want to have fun was released in 1985 with Helen hunt and Sarah Jessica Parker. It has some really good costume ideas throughout the whole film! …

Dirty Dancing Not rated yet
I still remember when I saw the movie Dirty Dancing, back in 1987. I loved it, and the sound track. As far as costume ideas go, I guess it was an 80s …

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