What Should I Wear At
80s Day at My School?

What should I wear for 80s day at my school?

I need something to wear for 80s day!! Suggestions anyone?? Websites will help too!


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I guess the question, is do you want to specifically dress up as an 80s character, or in 80s fashion?

Personally, I think treasure hunting and dressing up in 80s fashion is way more interesting and fun.

For the 80s look, you will have to make an effort on your clothes, accessories and your hair style.

To keep it simple, maybe start by wearing denim - denim skirt and or denim jacket is pretty good. Match it with a black rock group tee, that was big in the 80s. My favourite is Def Leppard, but there's heaps to choose from, including AC/DC, Bon Jovi, KISS etc.

They are back in fashion, so you may have a pair already, wear high top sand shoes with your 80s denim, and get a pair of high vis (safety fluro/neon yellow or orange etc) socks, and if you do, scrunch them down like leg warmers. Ooh also, wear one of each colour if you can.

Alternately, ask your Mum or Aunties etc, if they have an 80's style dresses in their cupboards still. These dresses are insane, and usually get a lot of attention at 80s parties.

Both of these styles can be worn with a low heel pump.

Hair - If you have long hair, the easiest and quickest 80s look, is to put it in a side pony tail up high, and wear a scrunchie, or lace ribbon. Tease your fringe to one side and spray with hair spray.

Make-up: Plenty of eye liner in either black or cobalt blue, blue and pink eye shadow and pink or red lipstick.

Jewellery is pretty cheap. Again, if the aunties or Mum has 80s clip ons, that would be cool, with layers of fake pearl necklaces. Also, anything with a cross.

Dangley earrings are good, especially if they are mismatched. I recently wore one cross and one roller skate earring.

Bangles. Lots of bangles. They come in a single pack and are easily available from the makeup and costume jewellery stores.

If you are interested, I have some 80s jelly bracelets, which I would be happy to mail to you for free.

Hope you have an absolute blast at the school 80s day.

If you want more ideas and pictures for 80s fashion, make up, hair styles and accessories, visit my page below. (And use the contact us button, to give me your details for the bracelets)

Also, I have included the link on how to dress up in the 80s Madonna look, however, you'll see there's plenty of themes to look through.

Cheers and have fun!


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