80s Icons & Celebrities

Check out how you can dress, by the best 80s icons and celebrities!

Through music or movies, these guys were either leaders in 80s fashion, or they are easily recognised characters from the 80s, that you could dress as, for an 80s fancy dress party!

Click on the photo's below, to learn more about dressing as your 80s celebrity!

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Freddy Krueger Costume

Definitely a pretty gruesome 80s horror film icon, from A Nightmare on Elm Street movies. Here's the four essential bits to make a Freddy Kruger costume. (Perfect for Halloween!)

Very sexy Robert Palmer Girls

Grab a few girlfriends, cue the music, and make an entrance as the Robert Palmer Girls.

80s Madonna Look

Above: Find out more on how to get the sexy, lacey Madonna look!

Pop Star 80's Wig w/Bow80's Rock Star Adult Costume80's Glam Girl Adult CostumeWhite Lace Gloves
Buy your sexy Madonna look. Click on a costume to see more.

Below: Fluro and neon colours from the Wham days. Wake me up, before you go go! Click here to know more.

Fluro and neon colours from the Wham days

Have fun adding these cool accessories to your 80s costume or wardobe!

80's Neon Pink Long Fishnet Adult GlovesFishnet Pantyhose - Plus AdultDiamond Lace Pantyhose - AdultNylon Tights Adult

Sam Fox - Touch Me!

Above: The sexy and cheeky, Samantha Fox look! Learn how easy (and sexy) this look is.

Below: Sexy headbands, as worn by Rambo, Karate Kid and Olivia Newton John, to name a few. See more here.

Ralph Macchio from Karate Kid

Wax on - Wax Off.. Check out these Miyagi Dojo costumes...

Karate Kid Daniel-San Replica Gi Adult CostumeMr. Miyagi Adult CostumeKarate Kid-Miyagi Dojo Deluxe Adult Costume

Punk rocker, Billy Idol

Above: Rock on, like Billy Idol! Here's the best tips on how you can dress like an 80s punk rocker.

Below: Dress up easily as the 80s tough guy, Rambo!! Very, very easy. Find out more.

Tough guy, Rambo!

Machine Gun PurseTony Montana Inflatable Machine Gun
Don't forget your toy machine gun!

michael jackson

Above Dress as flash as Michael jackson! Here's the scoop on how!

Michael Jackson - Beat It Jacket Adult CostumeMichael Jackson Bad Adult CostumeMichael Jackson Billie Jean Motown Glove AdultMichael Jackson Adult Black Fedora

80s mullet, Billy Ray Cyrus!

Above: 80s mullets - Important 80s hair style, that you just gotta have!

Yep, even though this photo of Billy Ray was taken in the 90s, he has one of the best examples of an 80s mullet for a celebrity or icon. If anything, consider one of these wigs!

80's Sprayed (Mixed Blonde) Wig AdultOld School Flat Mullet Brown AdultMullet (Brown) Wig Adult

How to dress up in a Flashdance costume.

Above: What a feeling! Will they say "She's a Maniac!"? Here's how to dress up as Alex from the hit movie,Flashdance!

Below 80s Tom Cruise - Risky Business and Top Gun

Yep, these 80s Tom Cruise fancy dress outfits, will turn heads!

(Plus they are easy to do!)

Can you just picture your entrance.. (Or entrance to the lounge after a few beverages..) "Just take those old records off the shelf..."

80s tom cruise in risky business and top gun

Dirty Dancing - The perfect couple's costume!

Above Baby and Johnny from the hit movie, Dirty Dancing This is a great couple's costume!

Below You want 80s fashion tips? Check out the very talented and lovely, Cyndi Lauper!

80s Cyndi Lauper - 80s fashion & 80s Fancy Dress

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Sandy from Grease 
I recently went to an amazing fancy dress party. I used to work in Ibiza and they had a reunion in the uk, called the sh*t party. I dressed up as Sandy …

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