80s Jewellery You Have to Have!

Just so we are clear here, you MUST have 80s jewellery, to pull off your 80s costume and get the most from your 80s accessories.

And you must have a few different pieces!

80s Earrings - Colourful and dangly! Earrings

Your 80s earrings are going to be Dangly or buttons. They will be big and colourful with multiple colours, patterns and shapes. These 80s earrings should be cheap and cheerful. You'll find these earrings in your costume jewellery stores.

Thread earrings are coming back!

Also, threads were very big in the early 80s. These were gorgeous. About 5 or 6 cms long, in Stirling silver, these earrings had a bar at one end that you threaded through your ear, with a little decoration on the other end.

Incidentally, I just did a quick Google search and of course, these are also appearing back in fashion.

Some of these thread earrings have one small modification. The section that hung through the pierced hole, is now moulded. I assume this prevents the dreaded missing thread scenario.

I have created an 80s Fashion Store in conjunction with Amazon.com. And I was so excited to see these for sale. Make sure you spend a few minutes checking these thread earrings out. They are very reasonably priced, too.

Don't forget that it was very popular, for both men and women, to have one dangley earring, usually in a cross.

80s Madonna cross earring

80s feather earrings

These gorgeous colourful, feathered, 80s earring style, were bought from our local import store in Australia for $3. Some countries will probably be a lot cheaper, even. I love them!


Looking at the image of Madonna here, you can see the O ring style of bangle was very common.

You can also buy a packet of silver bangles. I have seen these for sale in the $2 shops. I went to check these out more closely, and these cheap bangles are designed for kiddies and not an average adult, in size. But you never know your luck.

And finally, my luck was realised yesterday. Ta daaa. 80s silver bracelets!! ($3 Australian from import store)

80s silver bangles

I also had luck buying these rubber bangles in all sorts of cool colours, including the black for cheap. Ebay will probably be your friend, with free postage a common option!

80s colourful bangles


Long, beaded fake pearl necklaces scream 80s jewellery. Also, the classic necklace with the cross is good, especially when going for the

80s Madonna look. The big question, is where do you find these sort of 80s accessories?

Good question. 80s jewellery is starting to sneak back onto the shelves, and is almost in fashion again. Check with your costume jewellery store in your local shopping centre.

I have seen the faux pearls for only 99 cents. Click on the pearl necklace picture to see more.

Faux-Pearl Necklace

80s madonna look necklace

As mentioned, this link to 80s Fashion Jewellery shop page, is actually a window through to Amazon.com. Carefully handpicked, I have selected some 80s jewellery, such as bangles, cross necklaces, cross earrings and threads, too. Just so you know, I was very impressed with the prices and the quality of the items.

Have fun creating your perfect 80s fashion outfit or fancy dress.

Below: Me in 1885, wearing, bright coloured 80s button earrings, with a shell style necklace and the digital watch. Do you love my 80s mullet-ish hair style...

original 1985 photo

Check out other cool 80s accessories to enhance your 80s outfit!

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