80s Party Photos

Here you go. Here's some rockin' 80s party photos! I swear I haven't had so much fun since the actual 80s, as what I had at this fantastic 80s party. It was held by our local radio station, 4TO FM.

We all won tickets to the 80s Party, and upon entry, each were given a beverage each, which really helped kick start the party. ;-)

The spirit and atmosphere of the night was amazing and you could see how much fun every was having.

Here's how chocked the dance floor was from playing 80s tune after 80s tune.

80s party dance floor

Nearly everyone dressed up in 80s fancy dress, including the security and bar staff, which helped create this amazing buzz. Have a look through these 80s party photos, for ideas for your 80s party.

Some people went to a lot of effort, and others didn't need to.

Security and bar staff got into the spirit of the evening.

Bar and Security staff dressed in 80s fancy dress.

Madonna look bows are aplenty

80s party photo

Check out the 80s mullet comp. Real Mullet Guy won.. for obvious reasons..

80s Mullet Comp

The lady who went to the effort of making a Rubik's Cube costume, won the 80s fancy dress competition.

Home made Rubiks Cube costume

There were plenty of people wearing denim, including denim jackets, and 80s rock tee shirts. Here's hubby and myself. By the way, just so we're clear, the Def Leppard tee he's wearing is mine, not his. ;-P

Even better, the other guy is wearing a genuine 80s tee shirt - It's one from Expo 88, held in Brisbane, Australia. Cool!

80s denim with rock tees, and gebuine Expo 88 tee shirt.

Remember Where's Wally and Where's Wander? Apparently these characters were created in 1986.

Where's Wally and Where's Wander!

Here's a couple dressed up in 80s Punk Fashion. Great job. I wouldn't have thought about the garbage bag or dog collar. Fantastic!

80s punks fancy dress costume

Wow! So many cool photos. Gees it was an awesome 80s party!

Kickin' 80s costumes!

Here's some more group photos... Do ya love it or what?

80s party photos

Hope you're inspired to get ready for a fun time, with your 80s fancy dress. Check out these other 80s fashions and costumes for more ideas!

80s Dresses

80s Punk Fashion

80s Happy Pants

80s Fluro Neon Clothing

80s Acid Wash denim

80s Sexy Samantha Fox

80s Michael Jackson

80s Tom Cruise - Risky Business Fun or being the Top Gun!

Rambo - Easy male 80s fancy dress costume.

80s Dance Wear - Getting Physical.

Flashdance - What a Feeling!

Have the time of your life with this great couple's costume from the movie, Dirty Dancing!

80s rap fashion - Very simple and comfy!

Be Simply Irresistible, like the Robert Palmer Girls. Here's how!

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