80s Tom Cruise
Top Gun and Risky Business Fancy Dress

Yep, these 80s Tom Cruise fancy dress outfits, will turn heads!

(Plus they are easy to do!)

Can you just picture your entrance.. (Or entrance to the lounge after a few beverages..) "Just take those old records off the shelf..."

80s Tom Cruise from Risky Business in 1983

Risky Business

  • White long sleeved business shirt - A tad over-sized
  • White jocks
  • White socks
  • Dark Sunglasses

Bonus Points

Extra bonus points for wearing Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

Double bonus points for turning up in a black Porshe!

Tom Cruise Risky Business Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

80s tom cruise from Top Gun wearing Rayban Aviator sunglasses 1986

Top Gun

In the simplest form, you could get away with the HOT 80s Tom Cruise Top Gun look by wearing:

-Top Gun/Aviator style Cap
-Top Gun slogan T-shirt
-Flight suit
-Bomber jacket
-Dog tags

Click here to find Top Gun Slogan Tees and Clothing Bonus Points

Bonus points for wearing actual Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

Double bonus points for turning up on a hot road bike..

(Or an F-16 Tomcat :-P )

Top Gun Bike with F16 in background

Look for ideas on how to dress as 80s Celebrity Icons!

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