Flashdance Fancy Dress Costume

What a feeling! I love the tunes from Flashdance, and your friends will love this Flashdance costume.

Here's what you will need:

- Grey sweatshirt - Over-sized. See if you can neatly hack at the collar line and cuffs with a pair of scissors.

- Leg Warmers - Any colour will do.. I am sure your peers will get the picture.

- Red high heels. Preferably with pointy toes, and only a few inches high.

Below: Alex from the movie Flashdance. (1983)

Flashdance pose.

You probably can find a grey sweat shirt or red heels around the home, or with family / friends etc, however, if you are keen, I have dug up a few ideas from Amazon.com, below.

I believe the leg warmers are essential, plus they are pretty cheap.

Here's my favourite song from the movie, Maniac, by Michael Sembello. This clip is fantastic, with all the favourite bits of the movie to moulded perfectly with this high energy song. I hope you enjoy.

I couldn't go past the opportunity to offer you some merchandise, to help you get into the moment, too.


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