Robert Palmer Girls

The Robert Palmer Girls were infamous thanks to two of Robert Palmer's hit singles, "Addicted to Love" and "Simply Irresistible". You and your girlfriends could make a very sexy entrance with this look from a cool video from the 80s era.

So the actual Palmer Girls costume itself is very easy, and you could wear it as a singular person, or as a group of girls.

First though, check this You Tube clip for some Palmer Girls inspiration!

Robert Palmer Girls

All you need is:

- Slinky, black, mini dress
- Orange satin sash fitted around the waist as a belt (Or just an orange belt)
- Black stockings
- Black heals / pumps

To help pull off the Palmer Girls outfit, here are a few ideas from Amazon.

This dress is just perfect!

For the hair, come through a gel type of product, and fix in a bun, low, at the nape of the neck.

Now, we need to work on the make up. You will need:

- Smokey coloured eye shadow - rubbed back from the eye lid out. Use on the lower lid, and leave close to the eye with the lighter colours. (See pic below) Otherwise, the dark shadow will make your eyes look like they're too close together.
- Light coloured eye shadow with white tones for the eye brow ridge, and inside eye
- Smokey / Black eye liner, to be rubbed under the eye lid, and appied as a thick line on the top lid
- Eye brow pencil or tinted eye brows, groomed
- Glossy red lipstick
- Pink blush broadly used along cheek bone and up to eye.

Robet Palmer Girls Makeup

Bonus points

Bonus points if you have a smokin' hot attitude!

Double Bonus Points for getting a a hot guy to rock up to the party as Robert Palmer, in smart suit.

Be a real hit, and cue the Robert Palmer music on entrance, and do the in sync dance movements!

The Robert Palmer Girls image was also portrayed in Ally McBeal, with the character Billy, hiring his own crew of "Palmer Girls" to impress a client on one episode.

RIP Robert Palmer.

Shania Twain Man I Feel like a woman - Palmer Girl Parodie

Shania Twain parodied the Palmer Girls, by having men become the sexy background to her 1999 hit single, "Man, I Feel Like a Woman!"

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