What to wear to an 80's party?

I'm going to an 80's party this week, and I don't know what I can wear.

Could I have some makeup ideas as well, something easy but looks really nice would be good.

Thanks =]

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Luckily, due to the 80s fashion being quite popular amongst the celebs at the moment, the accessories should be really easy to come by.

As for 80s outfits, you certainly are spoilt for choice. Look through the link below, for heaps of different ideas, what to get, and how to wear the costumes. Most of these 80s costumes are from everyday items, or items that can be borrowed, bought from charity shops, accessory stores and online.

As far as page rankings go, by far the most popular 80s female dress up fashion, is the 80s Madonna Look. This also incorporates an easy 80s makeup look, unique to Madonna.

Also consider the sexy Samantha Fox outfit, 80s punk / punk rocker, acid / stone wash denim, fluro / neon clothing and even good old happy pants.

There's plenty of awesome 80s dresses with lots of colours, polka dots, frills and shoulder pads.

Ask your parents, aunts, family and friends what doozeys they have in the closet, or check out a few charity stores.

Accessorise with cheap faux pearl necklace, dangley or bold earrings, and multiple jelly or silver bracelets.

For your 80s make up, gowdy colours are good. Particularly pink and blue eyeshadow, blush, and pink lipstick. If you are going for the Madonna look, or the power dress look, wear bold red lipstick. Don't forget a beauty spot, especially a must for the 80s Madonna look.

Hair and hair accessories include the side ponytail, fountain ponytail, spike, crimp, tease, with lace, scrunchies, or a banana clip. I assure you, scrunchies are available from most of your $2 shops!

I would love for you to share your 80s dress up look with everyone. Upload your dress up photo here, and I'll send you an 80s fashion lucky dip prize, for free. :-)

Check out other people's 80s dress up photos, or share your own!

Lastly, browse through the link below, and you should find plenty of ideas that you can incorporate into your 80s costume, for little or as much effort as you'd like.

Have an awesome 80s time!


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